Risk Management and Security

In today's world, it is essential that all businesses have some sort of risk management and security in place to make sure that they can deal with any unforeseen situation that may arise. For different businesses, the level of preparedness will differ. If it's a small sole trader businesses, then they may want to make sure that there are fire extinguishers and fire alarms set up so they can stop their place of work burning down. If it's a oil or gas drilling company, or a shipping company that spends a lot of time shipping valuable cargo around the world then they will need a different type of security. Oil and Gas drilling companies may need specialised oil and gas security, while the workmen on a cargo ship may need kidnap security in case there was a kidnap situation that arose.

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Keeping Safe

There's a good chance that if you get this sort of specialist training that you will, thankfully, never have to use it. However, if the situation was ever to arise that the ship you were on gets hijacked or the oil platform your on gets assaulted, it is better to be prepared and know exactly what to do to keep you and your colleagues safe.

Where To Get This Training

While this type of security is very specialised and not many people need it, there are a few businesses that will offer this specialised style of training. One major company that helps train for these sorts of situations is EOS Risk Management who have helping businesses that may have to deal with these sorts of situations for years. This makes that leaders in the field and people you should trust when deciding who should provide such valuable and important training.

Preventive measures

There are some measures that anyone could take however to make them a little safer from kidnapping. One such step is utilising GPS. The best way to do this could be to have your staff to carry round small, GPS locators. These could be a part of their phone or a small specialised GPS transmitter that releases a distress signal if you are kidnapped.

Another possible way of training staff for a kidnap or hostage situation could be to have staff rehearse the situation, so if the worse does happen they have some sort of way to react and almost take control of the situation and even possible terminate the situation before it continues and escalates further.

Final Words

If you are working in a highly volatile and potentially dangerous job, then making sure you, and your business is trained for any possible circumstance, whether this is a oil rig assault or a kidnapping.